WAV Files From a RC30 Looper to the Aeros

Hello Singularsound Team,
I have a question. I created about my former Boss RC30 Looper guitars Wav Files and would like to play them over in the Aeros. Is this possible ? is this possible via SD card or USB ? If so, what is the procedure? Thank you for your efforts and look forward to receiving a message. LG Stefan

Hello there, this is not currently possible,

It is something we hope to get to soon, however. We’ll be getting to it after we get to auto-quantize.

I imagine he could play them track by track as an audio input from the RC300 into the Aeros, having the Aeros record the tracks, right?

I guess he could, but the issue would be the audio quality of the RC300 is limited to 16bit, not sure what kind of transient issues could arise from the lack of bits.

If you were to convert those files to 24 bit first, it should be fine, however.

There’s also the issue of synchronization, of which I honestly couldn’t tell you if there is any or functional sync between the Aeros and the RC300.