WAV files wont Play in kit

OK–another stumper: I made some really nice sounding tambourine hit wav files to add to the standard kit. The files add into an instrument (midi note) ok and will play up to the point I save the kit. Once that happens, the files show in the drumset editor as existing in the instrument, but they will not play. I can stick other wav files (obtained from this forum–Dan’s Kit) into the note and they work fine even after saving.

I attached one of my wav files in case someone else has a mind to try it out.

Any ideas, Buddies?

So, one more thing I just noticed: Once the files are saved as part of the set, they also will not play using media player. I get an error message that something is wrong with the file. Again, they play fine in both the BB manager and by double clicking the file in the folder when viewing in Explorer–up till the point I save the drumset changes. Then error message. It is as if the saving process corrupts the file.

So, would one of you more experienced users try the wav file I posted in the first post in the thread and see if you can get it to add and play in one of your drum kits? I am stumped as to why these files will not play one you save the changes to the kit.

Thanks in advance.

I tried it out EWC. I opened your tamborine file in audacity and it’s a very small wav file in there is not much volume to the file especially when compared to other samples.

I put it in a kit, saved the kit and when I played it I got constant static with the static changing volume with the velocity of the midi i created.
Other than that I can’t help you with why it’s doing it. Out of my knowledge.