.wav files

what are the pedals requirements for .wav files? I’ve got some organ chords that I need to insert into a kit for sound effects. Is there a max size? Rate? Etc.

@DavidPackouz mentions this in a lot of interviews, but basically if it is a wav file it should work. People here have found that any file size is fine for a drum kit (max Drumkit size is 100mb), however for an accent hit it can’t be larger that 3mb.

Thanks…appreciate the response.

16 bit, 44.1k, mono or stereo

From memory I believe 24 bit is also supported.

I find the 100MB limit is way to small for making your own kits.

I sampled a Addictive Drums 2 Kits and couldn’t use the max amount of samples (15 per instrument)

If you have an 8GB card you should be able to have kits up to at least 1GB and no limits on how many samples you can use.

The System and especially the MIDI files are very small and hardly takes up any space.

I really don’t see the point in limiting kits to 100MB or the 15 samples per instrument.

I really hope for a firmware update that fixes this because it would make it possible to make kits sound a lot more natural and dynamic when building your own and in general making BB even more powerful.

I agree that 100mb is too limiting–in fact the most limiting aspect of the pedal. But, it’s a hardware limitation. Perhaps future versions of the pedal will have much more.

Hardware limitation ?
Where have you heard that ?

I asked the same question, and it came from the original developers of the device

I would rather have one or two really nice sounding kits instead of all the semi good ones we now have.
I agree that this is the most limiting aspect of this otherwise great pedal.

I managed to make one kit ( Addictive Drums 2 samples ) myself that I use most of the time and it uses 99% of those 100MB.
It sounds way better than the ones that came with the pedal and would have sounded even better with more MB ( more samples ) available.

You also asked a similar question here quite some time ago. Not sure what has happened with @Daef not seen him for a while, he was the only one I know of that was positive that it should be possible to increase the drumset size with a firmware tweak.

But the BB is what it is, there is a reason why the drum sets can only be 100MB and it is also why the drum sets for it are so limiting in the range of instruments per kit. The only answer at the moment is to add your own samples and lower the amount of samples per instrument.

Oh I forgot I touched this subject before !

I can see why we can’t use more if the total RAM is 100MB.
It’s like having too little RAM in your PC/MAC so there is probably not much that could be done.

And again [SIZE=7]HUGE [/SIZE]thanks for letting me know that we could trigger BB via MIDI.
Now I can edit grooves directly in Cubase and hear exactly what it is going to sound when played with BB and that has increased my creativity thousandfold and for me it makes the editor that’s built into the BBM 1.6 superfluous.

The limitation isn’t the number of drumsets, but the size of each drum set. You can have 50 kits if you want, as long as your sd card is big enough. The only way to have a drumkit bigger than 100 mb with the current hardware would to selectively load some instruments instead of the entire kit. I suppose most songs don’t use all the instruments. Not sure how quickly the pedal could load instrument if it is suddenly decided it is needed!