Wav sound download here


I create a lot of wav sounds for accents. coming from the Boss DR 670
I try a lot ,but not all into BB manager

So if is good or not good let me know please

because I never know how to ,adjust the right volume when recording for the BB?

There are sounds like cymbals, bottle , hand claps, chinees gong,techno sound etc…

You can download here:

Just click on download


thank you Punkyboy for sharing,can you create a KICK DRUM WITH CRASH CYMBAL wave?,thank you


do you mean at the same time ?
Yes I can, no problem
I gonna make a lot of different tones of the drum kick with crash 1 & crash 2 and both
Coming soon buddy!

Hi…yes at the same time just one hit…thank you…your wave sounds are good!!!

Ok Man
I make it so I say
different kicks etc… so you have choice
Coming soon !!
I put the link in this post

How about bar chimes?

What do you mean?
Sorry but i’m french

hey Mike

I take a look if I can

Sorry Man , no bar chimes on the Boss Dr670

Is there any free software that can convert MP3 format to midi format?

I never test it but here is a link :

Here Man
You will see
sound 1 k&c1 =kick& crash 1
sound 2 k&c2 = kick & crash 2
Sound 3 all= kick and the 2 crash at the same time

Hope is good for you
different tones


Thank you Punkyboy,this is exactly what i need!!!
Thank you for sharing…

Oh nice it’s a pleasure to make you happy man !


Hi Punkyboy,
I tried downloading your samples but nothing happened. Are the files still available for downloading?

Sorry here is a new link:

click on" no thanks" bellow the window


Thanks, Punkyboy!

Mil Gracias Punkyboy por la información, me gustaria saber si alguien Tiene bucles y rellenos de balada romantica y cumbia?. agradeceria si alguien me ayuda con esa informacion. Mil gracias.

also you can download good samples here - https://www.flstudio-samples.com/category/free-sample-packs/