Wav_sources missing filenames

In my user_lib\wave_sources folder, some of my wav files are just named “.wav” (the extension only with nothing before the dot). This happens in two of the drum sets: Jazz and Standard. How can that be and how do I fix it?

Have not read of this issue before on this forum but I’m going to suggest one of the following:

  • don’t use your computer OS to examine or edit files in the bbworkspace folder but it you do,
  • make sure the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) is closed as I’ve read that the BBM makes some of the files invisible (probably to discourage users from using their computer OS to wander around the BBW folder).
  • not sure what you can or should do to fix it. You can paste a copy of the nameless wav file to your desktop and check the info to see if the full name is displayed.
  • since this is happening within drum set folders in your bbworkspace folder, it could be related to what BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) users have reported about the BBM perpetuating nested folders.

All this leads up to what Singular Sound has cautioned users about: don’t examine or edit files directly within the bbworkspace folder. Not sure that what you’re reporting isn’t a direct consequence of examining or editing files in the BBW and to be safe, Support would most likely recommend that you replace your entire bbworkspace folder with a fresh version.