wave file for cymbol crescendo

Does anyone have a wave file with a full end of song cymbol crescendo as im going thru footswitches every 4 months pressing the cymbol on and off fast to do it manually whereas one tap would make life so much easier, n save me a fortune in repairs n replacements

I have to check but I think one of the blues beats ends like that. I’ll check tonight if you are still looking at that time

Cheerz that would be handy ta for gettin back

Maybe this will work for you?

hi phil i cant see any file ?

Hey Bob,

For future reference, if you see a post that was made AFTER Nov. '17, check the old forum first to see if the link is still there and working. In this case, yes, it still was there.

Here is the file:

cymbal-roll-short.wav.zip (804.3 KB)

You’ll have to unzip it first, since we can post a .wav


Hi Phil thanks for that i’ve not updated to the new forum yet just glanced thru e mails ta for the info n file much appreciated.

Phil how do I upload a wav file on here? when I clicked on the upload cymbal it doesnt include wavs in uploadable files …but I see you have.How did you do that?

You have to zip the file

Thanks for that.cheers