wave file volume

im sure i read on here that we can now change the volume of the wave file on a song automatically now, can anyone show me how i have a song with a strong keyboard dance part but its over powering and i dont want to lower the drums as well also a cpl of hanclap ones i d like louder?

I take it you want to lower the volume of individual instruments in the drum kit right?
I know the feeling when something is way too loud compared to the rest of the kit,like the crash or the toms.Or vice versa.You want to up the volume.Well heres how to do it.
click on drum sets and then click on the kit you want to edit.
You’ll see all the instruments kick,snare hi hats etc
Go to the instruments you want to lower the volume of lets say ‘snare’
right click on it and it opens up a window,about halfway down you’ll see the volume bar drag it back to where you want it.
Now the important part saving it.After clicking on OK go to top of screen menu bar and where it say Drumsets and click on ‘save drumset’.You’ll see the little green bar start loading the change.Now just to make double sure its saved I go to the drum kit in question in the window on the left and double click on that it will do the same loading changes thing.
So now when you play the kit the snares volume or whatever instrument you have chosens volume will be lower .
I hope thats what you were after

Yes, Bob, you did read about it somewhere. Here’s the link https://singularsound.com/tools/firmware/

Sorry Bob looks like i totally misunderstood your query

The process for adjusting volume described by Anthony is correct. Persist makes reference to the firmware update which allows you to change the volume of the accent hit which was not previously possible. However, if it just one song that is giving you problems with a kit, the issue with adjusting the volume on a kit it that it is a global process. It will change those instrument volumes for every song that uses the kit. There is a workaround.

After you have the kit opened for editing like Anthony explained, click on the kit name in the editor window right under where it says Drumset Maker. This will bring up a window that allows you to enter a new kit name. Enter a kit name like “Name of your song” kit, and then go to the upper toolbar menu. Select Drumset>Save Drumset As, and save the kit with the name you just created to a location where you can find the kit. Quit BB Manager and restart BB Manager. Go to File>Import>Drumset and import your drum set. Go to the bottom of the drum set list, click on your imported set, and follow Anthony’s process. When you are done, go to Drumset>Save Drumset. This will save the levels where you set them, and you will have a customized kit for your song with the keyboard and claps adjusted to your liking.

Cheerz guys, just seen these, have a gig in a couple of hours, so don’t want to investigate it today, i’ll try these 2morrow, its a shame it cant be simpler like the volumes on vocal processors where you can change n save individual harmony levels from internal menu very simply n quickly, wave files being separate to midi there must be n easy almost on the fly option that can be incorporated to the next upgrade?

You would need the ability to adjust volume separately on 128 separate “instruments.” i don’t see an on-the-fly option as being very likely for the pedal, but, hey, I could be wrong.