Wave files put into beat buddy

Can I use band in a box real drums wave file and put into beat buddy
And how can I do it .

If you have a wav file, and it is 44.1khz, 16 or 24 bit, you can add it to a BB Drum kit, or create a new drum kit using them.

But, where are you finding Real Drums wav files? I ask, because I can’t find the source sounds. If you are creating a drums only track and saving it as a wav, be aware that you will not be able to change tempos, and that your kit will be limited to 100mb total in size.

Hi Phil
Band in the box has real drums so I’m wanting to import a few of them into beat buddy loops

I guess I’m not clearly communicating here. I also have Band in a Box. Other than actually using Band in a Box to create a drum track which i can then save or export as a wav, I don’t see how I could get a drum wav out of Band in a Box. Have you found the place that the wav sources are stored by the program such that you can use them in creating BB drums kits, or, is it your intention to use Band in a Box to create a drum loop that you then add to a BB song? If, by chance, you have found where BIAB stores the wavs, I would appreciate it if you shared that information.

Hi Phil

Sorry I’m wanting to use band in a box and save a few bars of the real drums and import to beat buddy just wandering if it could be done , I don’t know if it could be done

OK, yeah Paul, you can do that. What you do is build a custom drum kit, and add your loop as the wav file for an instrument. Then, like I said earlier, you are stuck with the tempo your recorded it at, because Beat Buddy adjusts tempo using midi files and the wav you make from the Real Track wont be able to respond to the tempo in BB.

I think a couple guys have done some experiments with this. Definitely some guys have added wavs to a drum kit, but usually as a special effect, to handle some odd sound in the original arrangement, or to add a solo from a particular instrument.

I was hoping you found some way to access the source sounds in BIAB. I’ve run into this with a couple programs, where I thought I would have wav files, but they end up being a proprietary format that cant be converted easily.