wave files spread on hard disk and then not deleted...

I encounter a problem everytime I open a drumset and then close it.
first of all, the wave files are often saved outside the workspace folder (that I double checked in the settings), then after I answer yes to the question “deleting from workspace” the wave files are not deleted neither from workspace nor outside in the “spurious” locations, so I have to do it manually…

any tip?

BBM version?
OS version?

Not quite sure what’s going on with your issue, Marcello. Only thing I can think of is to

  • make sure there are no duplicate instances of your bbworkspace folders or contents outside of your designated workspace;
  • make sure your bbworkspace location is set using the BBM menu Tools > Set Workspace Location; try resetting it even if you have done so already;
  • make sure all BeatBuddy functions are performed using the BBM and not the OS;
  • if this doesn’t help, you should backup your bbworkspace and SD card and uninstall the BBM and then start over; a pain to be sure, and not something you want to try unless all else fails.

Are the wav files being saved to the same path outside the BBM and if so, can you provide the full path to where they’re being saved?

@BeatBuddy Support Not sure if we aren’t seeing a trend in these types of issues with ≥1.6.6c and the latest OSs e.g., Windows 10 and Mac 10.12.2 (Sierra)

OS windows 7
thanks I will try those tips to see if they works


What I have found is when you save a certain track, it is saved in a different place “Somewhere Out There”. I finally found where
the “Somewhere” was and then I can delete them from there. If I recall, just arrow &
left quick and it should take you to the location to where it’s at. You have to manually delete them if you want. There is no other way. What I generally do is make note of where they are and leave them there where I can access them in the future just in case I would need them again. It doesn’t take up that much memory to just leave them there or put them where you want to. Can’t answer why they are not being deleted from the workspace though. Don’t know if this pertains to your problem.
Sincerely Stan House, Fingerstylepicker.