Wave samples

Hey guys ive started triggering wave samlpes via the ext footswitch (normally used for cymbol crashes) to great effect for intros etc whats the largest wave file i can load now, and is there anyway looped waves can be used ? also whats the newest version of BB manager n where do i look to check i am up to date ? Another question on the forum it seems almost all the SNG s members are posting are for one press now, i prefer being able to customise them in BBM to suit my version as we shorten some tunes live or re arrange them, is there a reason less of the old way’s being put up and is there anyway around it, ive never used midi havn’t a clue n rely on members or custom building from the original BB library,

I was advised that the maximum wav length is 3.4mb. Short of programming the wav as part of a song to just have it repeat in midi, I do not know of a way to make it loop (well, you know, except for using a looper.) BBM manager - Downloads on the singular home page, i.e. Main Site from the forum link above. If I recall, it is 1.6.5 for PC and for Mac. One Press songs - they are generally easier to build than multi part songs. How to get a clue - pick up the music making program of your choice that allows midi editing and buy a tutorial book for it, or search for youtube videos. That the way you learn how to customize songs to your taste.