Waves files?


When waves files import will be enable?
I don’t understand it still not, it’s basic for a looper…



Can you explain again please, your question is lost in the translation.

“When will Aeros be able to import wav files?”

why can’t we still use, import waves files or others in the aeros?


Hi there,

Wav file import will be available soon, it is in the timeline, but it is not available now.

Progress has already begun on finalizing the UI design and we hope to soon test it internally.

We are currently working on things like Loop Decay, Autoquantize, and MIDI Master capabilities

We can only do so much at one time,

Thank you for your patience.

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That’s all well and awesome, but importing backing tracks( wave files etc) is quite fundamental don’t you think?

Hi Brennan,

Good news


I think too