WAVs and backing tracks

Is there a means yet to build my own tracks and song parts in a desktop editor? Maybe save a file or set of files as a song and load it in Aeros? I see the backing track option in the manual. I assume from this model that I could build all parts into one WAV file and load it, then add tracks, song parts and overdub. I am however a little unclear about how I would then make sure the tempo aligns to the WAV and that it also gets locked into synch with Beatbuddy. Would I just tap out the tempo and dial both devices to the same time signature? Seems combersome and error prone. Who should be master and who slave? What’s in the roadmap in this category? If it’s not in the planned feature set for some time, can you please produce some how-to documentation or some videos demonstrating an approach please?

The Aeros isn’t letting us load out own songs, yet. That’s one of those “features to be added.”

When I was part of a sixties duo, I produced all our backing tracks from MIDI files using a DAW editor called Mixcraft. It’s a lot simpler than QBase…

MIDI Drums usually sound awful, I assume it’s possible to link the BB to the DAW via USB midi option - not tried it yet.

For playback at gigs, I used Lenovo pad and an Android App called ‘Songer Pro’
Songer Pro

Example track…
All Or Nothing ( Small Faces cover )