Ways of improving the default content

Thanks for listening.

I try and match the BB songs to pop rock blues songs. I like the idea of the Ballads with 3 different sections…The PROBLEM is the transition fills are Super busy. Some are just crazy.

Imagine playing along with Rolling Stones Soul Survivor. Using Ballads 1 or so. 1st verse cruising along, get to chorus, hit transition and woah!!



Please describe how you did this. Worried might do something wrong and loose more than I want. This is a good idea you have.

My only real gripe with the fills are that the low toms are overmixed and way too live/resonant, forcing me to make huge EQ cuts at a very narrow band to keep them from taking over the mix. It’d be nice to see the Standard kit’s low toms toned down.

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I agree with you on this. I find the toms ring out way too much, they need to be more of a ‘thud’ than ‘bong’.

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Pls find collection of fills @

Since I’m not a drummer these may need further tweaking.

Hey guys,

thank you all for providing honest and highly valuable feedback. :pray: I want to update you on how it is being used.

Since the beginning of last week, I have been in the process of carefully reviewing all default content and making relevant notes prior to proceeding with changes. :face_with_monocle: I will be replacing most drum fills and making minor tweaks to beats where I hear an improvement can be made. :partying_face: I will also be addressing and further carefully mixing volumes between drum components as well as volumes betwen individual drumsets.

A new, simplified drum map for Latin set is planned and the relevant beats will be changed to match it, along with humanizing the feel. Jazz beats will all be redone, amongst other changes. I will make public a detailed list of all changes once they are completed and updated content published.

FYI Several percussion instruments such as cowbell, shaker, tambourine and triangle were added to all sets a while back and you can download latest versions here:

Or you can wait for the new versions.

For those that prefer toms with less ring, I recommend checking out the Vintage Ludwig drumset or the Standard Pro in the Premium Library.
I hope to have the revision of all the content completed some time this month.

Allow me this opportunity to give you a background on why those fills are the way they are if you are interested. :weary:

When we were putting together the BB, there was a lot of guesswork and speculation involved. :thinking: We didn’t know who would be buying it, what it would be used for, how it would be used or what users would need/ like. My biggest misconception is that I thought that users would find simple beats and fills too predictable and boring and sounding just like another drum machine. :sleeping: Surely people had enough of that and wanted something different. :man_facepalming: Little did I know…

The second biggest reason is that without context, it is very difficult to make a judgment for something that will be used in a variety of contexts. I was to make drum beats into “songs”, but for no actual songs. We had a very limited amount of time to prepare 200 songs in 20 genres and produce 10 drumsets. Your ears and judgment get fatigued. Even now, reviewing things, after a while everything starts to sound ok. :woozy_face: There is still a degree of guesswork involved, but with an approach that users will likely want things simpler.

Since there was no context for songs, drum fills were randomly paired with drum beats. While some may have worked, others failed badly. My impression was that users would generally not play the “songs” as they are, but rather combine beats and fills into actual songs they need, thus making my pairings only a preview of available content.

I know that listening to some of the default content paints a very different picture of me as a player to what I actually am. The difference is the context. This may come as a shock, but whether I record or play live, I try to play the least I can get away with. For years I gigged with only the kick, snare, hats and ride. I always try to play what the music requires, while being sensitive and respectful of everyone else in the band.

So, let’s see how you like the updated content when ready. I don’t know if I’ll nail it, but it will hopefully be much closer. And if anyone comes complaining about BeatBuddy fills being too boring and predictable, I’ll pass your phone numbers onto them :laughing:

Thanks for reading. You’ll hear from me with the updated content.



Thank you for listening and taking time to revisit this. Appreciate all you do. I sometimes get very little time to write in these spaces. This is a shout out to all at BeatBuddy (creator, developer and users) alike, if you are here it is for a purpose; someone created and someone used, someone gave feedback because you use it and someone listens because he cares. Still another fixes probably a job or a passion - all are benefitted. Keep the suggestions feedback frustration flowing. Love you all!! Love this product. I use it every Sunday at Church. The simpler the better. I am more of a 1970 to 90 type musician I think.
Thank you everyone.


“My only real gripe with the fills are that the low toms are overmixed and way too live/resonant, forcing me to make huge EQ cuts at a very narrow band to keep them from taking over the mix. It’d be nice to see the Standard kit’s low toms toned down” – me.

Since I brought it up on this thread, I thought I would share: I have built a drum set based on the Standard kit wherein I toned down the toms. It’s here if you’re interested:

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So Goran, how is the evaluation and modification process going? We have not forgotten about this, just been busy filing income tax etc. We hope you are making fine progress in making the beat buddy ‘great again’. There’s an idea…………Do you think the Donald might be interested in investing in the project? haha!!!

Please keep us informed of your progress.


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@single-trick The progress is tedious and slow, but moving forward. It will take a while due to the sheer number of details. I finished reviewing a while back, made a detailed list and have been chipping away at it. I am fitting this in with everything else I’ve got going on.

btw The Complete Collection will include partial updates of the default content before it is fully done and released as stand-alone updated default content.

As for the Donald, I sure hope he wouldn’t be interested in this. I wouldn’t want to see BB go belly up! :laughing:



For me, the BeatBuddy is a great jamming tool. As such, the biggest hindrance of the default content is finding a suitable beat. There’s just a mountain of folders and endless beat variations - fun, but not useful for jamming.

I’d like to see you guys take my idea of Simple Beats, and just flesh it out a little, do your magic, curate it and make that part of the default content. Showcase that the Beat buddy can be really simple and fluid to jam with; use one of the these really basic beats, tap a tempo and let it compliment your musical jam. Here’s an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1ifZAh-1_E or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWBoLZ8BGd8


I am using my new BB to practice and perform. I have a list of songs with beats and tempos so I can find them on the BB.
For the songs that are in the BB library, I learn the song as written.
It is pretty good. So, I also learn the length of the fill and punch it in at the correct time. The lengthy fills do sound over zealous but not to bad. You’ve played with that kind of drummer before.

It would be nice if the endings were more real. Sometimes when you double tap to quit, the drums just stop, so I will hit the footswitch to get a cymbal crash and end the song.

Still overall the BB is way better than what I had.


Its been a couple more months, how are the updated beats and fills coming along? I would really like to use my beat buddy more but find many of the current beats and fills to be unusable. I don’t have time for detailed programming myself. Especially since the BB Manager is just so inadequate. Initially I was hoping for a more friendly user experience with this unit. It was quite expensive up front and the idea is great. It just needs to be implemented more effectively.

Goran is nearing completion last I talked to him. Additionally, we’re coming close to working something out with Groove Monkee. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:


Sounds good. I still have my beat buddy and am patiently anticipating the improvements so that I can actually use it as I had initially hoped to.

Up to now, I have given it several tries but just end up being frustrated with it and give up. Way too time consuming to try make it work well.

I truly hope your efforts will pay off.


Here you go, guys.


I’m going to need to understand how to keep all of the custom stuff I’ve done safely. I’m not sure this is going to do it.

I would have MUCH preferred if you had called the new kits “V2” so we could work through our repertoires at our own pace, rather than being forced to change wholesale and blind. This is a recipe for surprises. Surprises are bad.

That said, kudos for getting this gargantuan task completed!

Go enjoy your well-earned vacation, I’ll watch the forum to see how people are doing with the upgrade.

The new kits do have v2 in their file name, but not inside the BB Manager. That is in order not to break compatibility. We’ve already been down this road once.
If you have custom drumkits, just don’t delete them. This page contain links to individual drumsets:




Do the fills have new names as well?