Simple Fills Library

I have been missing simple fills and after the BeatBuddy forum discussion on the same ( Ways of improving the default content , I made Google search and found a blog called 10 Drum Fills Every Drummer Should Know.

Here as song file, with most of the fills covered in guide

These fills will work only for straight beats. I have also lowered the velocity of toms. These may not be perfect, but hopefully usable.

Simple_Fills.sng (1.5 MB)

10 Drum Fills Every Drummer Should Know.pdf (128.3 KB)


Thank you, Vesku! Great Fills!

These are great simple effective and very usable thanks a lot

Amazing collection. Thanks Vesku!!

Thanks for the fills - I’ll try them out!

thank you very hand to have 10 must know drum fills :cowboy_hat_face: