We need a better App

Im sorry if I sound negative but the iOS app seems like its from the 80’s. I am loosing faith with singular sounds “constant updates”. Are you guys working a few hours every fortnight as a side time hobby or something, I mean seriously the app is a complete joke, almost unusable if not for persistence as we see the potential so we sit there for hours to program and then we have to wait a few minutes to upload to device only to find that what we did was wrong for the app is not intuitive in the slightest. I mean to add a simple CC takes a minute, if we have many cc’s with a title longer than a few characters we cant even see the whole title in the list of which isn’t even in alphabetical order so we guess and then find out it was the wrong one, then we have to click on the bin icon and press save to get rid of it, then add another function hoping its the correct cc but nope…by this time our head is sore from hitting our heads against the wall. To add a function we must give a device name otherwise it doesn’t save, this is pointless boardgame rules. and to add a simple CC we have to add 2 functions, one for on and one for off. This is not fun at all. The unit itself has a lot of potential although the switches are the loudest switches ive ever heard and the actual switch sound is audible through the stage mic. How many years do we have to wait to get a decent app guys? Again im sorry if I sound peeved but I am a bit as ive spent too much time trying to program it and I know how easy it should be for example the Korg editor app on Mac and pc just makes sense and we can make changes in a few seconds then upload it in a few seconds, everything is really easy to understand. Can you guys please spend some time fixing this issue?


I gave up on the iOS App and bought a tablet specifically to program the MM. It seems to work a lot better.