Website text color is low contrast, hard to read

First let me just say, I love the BB and FS. The Manager software is finally here, and really increases the functionality and hence value of the product. So thanks for that too! :idea: :wink:

Simple request though, please make yer darn website easier to SEE, by giving us more contrast on TEXT to BACKGROUND. Colored buttons etc are fine, but please make the text BLACK on a WHITE background. Very simple change I would think, no? :?:

And FWIW, more and more folks are using portable devices, smaller dimmer displays than nice big old development system display :slight_smile: :geek: :ugeek:

Seriously, the website has GREAT content, why not make it really EASY to see and read? :?:

Thanks again for a HUGE effort and SUCCESS in bringing a major new innovation to the market, and more importantly making it instantly usable, by any guitarist, or other musician… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Thanks for your feedback!

First and foremost, you’re definitely not the only one having troubles with the forum colors. I believe we’ve already had a similar request.

I personally love the forum the way it is, but as there is a general concern in this, I feel having multiple forum color styles (that one can choose from a combobox in the end of the page or in User Control Panel) will be best. I’ll try to pass this to the team.

Agree with the OP. Good solution would be user choosable “themes”. I know you can choose font color for your own posts but not for reading others. Old farts like me need more contrast. :shock:

EDIT: Sorry Daefecator, I see you already mentioned a “themes” solution in your response. That would be a plus though, and easy enough to implement with CSS.

I agree with the theme option. Some w/ vision impairments or just older eyes are probably having problems like me too. Thanks BB team for the response and willingness to help us.

Personally I dont have a problem when viewing the forum from my IPAD, however on my work laptop it does look a bit faint.

I rarely come here anymore simply because this forum is so hard to read. It’s probably injurious to ones eyes as well. Please fix it!!!