Well, I had hoped........... (Resources)

that when the site was down for a day, we were getting our Resources back, but such was not the case. So,
and I am real hesitant to do this for fear of getting bombarded, I have many, probably most, of the missing resources in their original zip form. I am willing to respond to requests posted on the Beat and Drumsets Request Sub-Forum for re-ups of those Resources. Note that Persist is handling his own; I have reposted my songs; Phil has reposted his songs in folders; GarryA’s were not affected, as they were in Dropbox; and Guitar Stu, as reported by Persist, is waiting for Singular to, and I paraphrase, get their act together.

If any other Resource providers do not want me to re-provide their Resources, please advise, and I will honor your requests.

I will handle these requests on a one at a time per user basis. So wait until you get one filled, before asking for the next one. If I don’t have it, I don’t have it. I had downloaded virtually all Resources posted from the time the 500 note limit was lifted, forward, and only those Resources that had at least drums and bass. Older drums-only song resources are not in my archives.

I also have these Resources organized by genre in folders, but I will not provide those folders free of charge, as I spent literally hundreds of hours compiling them, and I do have expenses, like my annual Dropbox fee, among others. If you are interested in getting my folders, send me an e-mail to philflood@aol.com, and we can talk price and method of delivery.

Have a Happy New Year, everyone, and I also hope that Singular gets their act together!

Phil, please see my PM as I have some issues with your very generous offer.

On second thought, on the individual song requests, let’s do that via Conversation/PM.