went berserk

happens to me to all the time after about 3 hours playing it just stops and restarts’and just the other day it went all berserk so it’s in with a technician hoping he can fix it soon’ tap button keeps coming on and off’i’ve tried everything just won’t stop

Seems to be an intermittent issue that is said to be solved in the newest firmware update (1.85).


hi joe thank you for reply’ i have updated the (1.85) firmware. i need a new switch that is identical to one in the pedal which i’m trying to find but no luck’it the switch that’s the problem.adrian

The switch in the pedal itself? Or in the external pedal?

pedal itself

the beatbuddy dealers in denmark don’t want to fix it for me because i bought my in the u.s.a

so i have to fix it myself

i have to fix it myself