What an utter waste of time

Nearly all of the posts for beats of songs ethier have no links ofr missing link. Download 30 files and you are lucky is 5 are of any use at all. Why not remove all the stuff that does not work?

What might not work for you might serve as a starting point for somebody else.


Would it be possible, to MOVE these older links, to some Archive category…with some disclaimer about them.

  1. would still give others some (?) incentive to maybe recreate some of them.
  2. Remove some frustration when searching for an item that you can no l onger access.

There’s already a plan in place to deal with the broken posts

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I’m waiting for a organized way to post songs and kits. At that point I will start sharing songs. The songs I have our best played with the drum kits I’ve built. It just seems so scattered on this new forum.

Hi, Jim. How would you suggest organizing the contents?

it would be nice if the user generated content (songs) were alphabetized, a person can spend hours trying to find a song. seems like an easy fix.

The old forum had a natural orderly feel. You could navigate around and it made sense. This one is all scattered looking. Not sure what the answer is.

I kind of have envisioned a Cloud based (or FTP) method of getting content available to users. Below is a Google Drive content someone had shared within to a group and is done alphabetically. I’m not real literate on use of Cloud’s other than my own, but evidently there are add-ons to allow easy navigation, sorting, and searching such one from https://awesome-table.com/ and is shown below in the second image. Not sure how a Cloud could be implemented for multiple member users for read/write access, but likely possible. Singular could well make use of something like this for their own user content as well as archiving of firmware updates and similar. I think I may have seen hints in some links on this forum that an Amazon Cloud is used by Singular for something(?)

I agree i think it is a waste of time. I spent a couple hours and sent my beats to singular sound and not one of them was posted.
Ain’t got the time for this crap.