What are Aeros known issues? Pre-purchase question

Hi all,

I was considering the Aeros as several have said it’s the best looper out there. For me the best looper is one that works and does what it says it does. I only have minutes a week for music so I do not have much tolerance for extensive crashing, losing data, hanging, or for functionality in the marketing that doesn’t actually work on a real device. I can handle a few issues here or there, but it can’t be every time I use it. I get frustrated easily with inelegant failures (destructive crashes), unhelpful or non-descriptive error messages, and having to email support to go through a process of “did you turn it on, did you reboot it, did you plug it in”. Yes I understand things break and software isn’t perfect. I get it. My time is the most important thing to me, so I need to be creating, not debugging.

So I ask you, kind folks of the forum:

What are the known Aeros issues? How many of those are difficult to workaround, or prevent you from using a feature that was advertised?
How quickly do known issues get resolved? What is the team’s development throughput?
How many issues out there do not have known causes?
How long has the longest running bug been left unfixed?
How often are fixes released vs new features? I’m looking for a bias towards fixes than new features.
Does SS seem to prioritize the BB or the Aeros?

If you knew then what you know now, would you have bought the Aeros? If yours got stolen today, what would you replace it with? Another Aeros or something else? I see an awful lot of these on Reverb, which to me means that people prefer to get rid of them.

Thanks in advance!!!

It is difficult to answer it, since the looper is constantly evolving and beta and official updates are released regularly. The priority right now is the Aeros

Buying a device always raises a lot of questions, you have to see what you want to do with it,

The best of the best by Singular Sound is that they listen carrefuly to the users

The priority is the Aeros at this moment
The last version Official 4.2.4 is running without issues ( for my part)

There is a beta to test at this moment 4.3.0 BEta, with loop decay, volume pedal on exp input.

They make beta to have a return from the users, so you can always contact the support to mention any issue and they gonna try to fix it(most of time they fix it)

You have any suggestion to make it better or maybe add a features? Just contact on the forum.
The SS team is very active on it and you will get a answer very quickly. If they can the featuires will be added! (if this a very good one)

The looper is amazing in 6X6 mode , but you need a midi controller, or you gonna feel difficulties to manage all the features with the switches on the looper. this is a fact !

If I get stoled? I call my insurance and I take the same for sure

Error mesage? never add one !

If you crash or something causing crashes, take a video and send it to the support. They will help you or fix it!

They cannot make everybody happy, but they try ! The gear have a limit, don’t forget that!

Fixing issue take times, and SS take all the time needed to fix it correctly
You can always rollback to a previous state, very easy to do (5 min)

I had a lot of looper before this one, Vox VDL1, jamman Stereo, Pigtronix Infinity, but this Aeros is over all the other, sound quality is better . If you contact the Pigtronix vs Singular Sound it’s the night and the day, SS is faster to answer you and still update you about!

I don’t promote this brand, but they are very active on social media, I’m very happy about , problems, support, question, features, the listening etc…

People complain and me too sometimes. But they work on it.

maybe you can deal with the looper or not, depend what you want

I don’t know where you come from, but for my part, when I buy any instrument or pedal, I have 30 days to return it and be refunded, just open carrefully the package , keep all the protection on it, take care about. But most of time after 2 or 3 days you know if you keep it or not ! And you can try another one if you want ,after the return

The Aeros is very easy to set up, sounds good, and a lot of features (midi controller required)

Losing data? Just Power off the looper, remove the sdcard and save/copy the folders on your PC
Damn no pc? just put another Sdcard and keep the other one save

Want to put it on your DAW,? All the tracks are there separately,and you can arrange your song.

At this moment the usb port and the bluetooth doen’st work , but be sure it’s coming soon!

You cannot import mp3 files, or backing tracks

i’m happy with this looper, but you are free to try another one, If you want a more easy to use and less expensive, with less possibilities, they are enough simple looper on the market

Just need time to learn it and using it on the good way


This is great feedback! I was a little concerned with some other posts I saw, but it sounds like I should give it a try! Kinda excited to try it now, based on your comments. Thank you!!!

You can have a better result with a midi controller to enjoy this looper
DOn’t forget to update it with the 4.2.4 firmware if you like it

but don’t update if just trying in case that you return the gear
You have a click track on it , to give the tempo, you can tap tempo too


I just want to add that you do not have to worry about updating, this does not void your return, feel free to update the unit when trying it out

Thanks Brennan! Looks like my order comes tomorrow!!! :smiley:

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I suggest you buy the Harley Benton Mini Looper. It does what it says it does and costs only 49€. No need to spend much time to learn functions. Case closed.

this kind of looper got tired me very quickly and quickly made me want to change, you don’t do much, but that’s may be what some people are looking for, to do very limited things.

Wow $49! At that price it seems like it might be worth having one regardless of other loopers I might pick up. Thx for pointing this one out!