What are the best settings for Acoustic Guitar? ( Nirvana uplugged )

I am VERY new to beat buddy. Played around a bunch today, trolling the internet. Not finding alot on what people are setting the beat buddy to. Many options and secondary options. My style of acoustic guitar would be geared for a light drum backing. Nirvana unplugged in New York comes to mind. Any suggestions, video links?

You might want to try the Cajon kit. Check in resources. It may be listed as Cajon by Angelo.

I do solo acoustic and the Beatbuddy is fantastic for it.
I mostly use the world percussion kit with a cajon or another cajon kit.
It’s called “Ben Cajon” created by a user here. I took out the high hats and replaced them with shakers & tambourine.

If you haven’t already done so, you might try looking through the beats people have matched to a long of songs in the Song Matching section in the Resources of the Main Site.

I noticed that the Angelo kit had a broken link. I have it in my archives, if you are interested. I made a “with bass” version of that, too.

That sounds interesting. How can I get this?

Search the forum