What are the chances of a decidacated Topic post area for Set up?

Was looking around this web for ideas on how the set up my Aeros/BB with external speakers and other possibility s and noticed that the info is all about the place with questions and answers here and there but not contained in one area. Being new to all this its pretty hard to weed out bits of info without knowing all the names, terms used and so on to help in getting started. A lot of folks probably did the same and just hunted around for an answer. I my case is just setting up the Aeros and Beat buddy to were I can get started but am finding that the set up just with these have so many possibility’s. Would be nice if you had a Topic were folks could show and post different ways and ask questions on versus ways to setup up and use your equipment with end line results. The one diagram found on your update manual had a wonderful diagram of a set up but lacking in a deeper description. Would be nice, just my ten cents, cheers

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We definitely like this idea and maybe will explore more stuff like this in the future!!

Thanks for the request