What are the various ways to control midi volume?

I have been authoring more and more one press songs with bass. Typically it starts with a midi version of the song and I end up putting it in a DAW to remove all the parts but bass and drums.

Some songs I prepare in my DAW sound good in the DAW but when I play them on BB through my PA the bass needs some volume boost. Sometimes also the drums are too quiet.

In my DAW the only control I have is the track volume and something called velocity. When I play with these 2 controls sometimes it does seem like it makes a difference but other times it does not appear to make a difference.

I am hoping others can help shed some light for me on adjusting volume between bass and drums. Can someone document how to adjust the volume mix between bass and drums in a daw or in a midi file? Or is it done on the Beat Buddy Manager software somehow?

I adjust the volume of certain instruments within a midi file by using the Midi editor in
BBmanager 1.60

OK thanks - I see within the midi editor in BB manager the velocity there matches my DAW. My BASS midi notes velocity is maxed at 127. So I guess if I want bass louder I would have lower the volume of the drums- correct?

Yes - Correct

I prefer to use midi commands to control the BB. I presently st volume with my keyboard knob CC108/109. I would like to adjust it live as required using increment/decrement Button or Pad controls. As with the most recent firmware update of 2.7.0 the tempo is adjustable with increment/decrement CC80/CC81. (Awesome).

Does anyone have alternative? I planning on using MidiFire/SteamByter.