What audio interface do you use for live performance / recording?

I have seen many posts where people are using the iRig Pro Duo for live performance. I am curious about how well this work for live performing and if people are also using it for recording. I have seen posts on other sites that say this interface has noise issues. I currently have an iRig HD 2 I use for capturing new song ideas and it works OK, but I would like a dual input interface to use for mic and guitar. I currently also have a Yamaha MD-BT101 wireless midi adapter that I use with my iPad 2017 for Onsong, Quantiloop, Beat Buddy and Roland GR-55. I am considering the following interfaces for live performance and recording. I want to be able to use the device with iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. Any input/experience would be much appreciated.
iRig Pro Duo - I really like the size/portability of this device and that I will not need any additional adapters. (~$170)

Steinberg UR22mkII - I really like the bundled software with this device and it’s direct support for iPad in addition to the Mac and PC. I also like the construction of the case (metal) but it is larger and I will need to power it with and adapter when using it with my iPad. (~$117)

Steinberg UR242 - I like that this device has 4 inputs and a dedicated DSP processor. (~$141)

I have seen mixed reviews on the above interfaces in addition to the some Focusrite interfaces that I considered. I have used Cubase in the past and like that is is included (lite versions) with the Steinberg products but I will have to buy a USB adapter for my iPad (~$50). I have a limit of < $200. Thanks for any input.

I’ve been using the iRig Pro Duo for some months now and noise is not an issue, as long as you have your gain levels stacked properly, you shouldn’t have a very noticeable noise.

Just my 2 cents!

For recording, I like the Focusrite Saffire series. Even in earlier iterations, the firewire connection provided near zero latency. My live rig just uses the Yamaha wireless midi adapter, iPad, and the IK BlueBoard

I’m starting with a Presonus StudioLive AR8 , for record live (SD Card- Stereo), for Home PC (Studio One 3, witch coming with this mixer console). Also have Bluetooth port; looks interesting.

There’s a bunch of reasons I choose the irig pro duo.
[]2x xlr/instrument jacks
]A switch for input monitor
[]Fits on a pedal board
]Runs on standard 9v
[]Has midi
]Has clean preamps with gain dial
[*]Compatible with iPad
For recording, I just plug my floorboard into a Behringer QX1002USB mixer along with Mic and any other inputs. Then run the output into a Presonus Audiobox iTwo connected to my PC.
It really depends what sort of recording you want to do. If you prefer layered recording, where you record one or two instruments at a time and build up lots of layers, you don’t need a complicated setup. For me, I prefer to record a ‘live’ performance. So I get a full sound set up on the mixer, then just record that.


I’ve have iRig Pro great sound quality but only one input.

I’ll be investing in one of these soon :slight_smile: currently on sale!


That looks awesome. It’s got MIDI and 1/4 jack/XLR, so fully featured. I also like the form factor and the positioning of the inputs. The only negative I can see is the power options - you’ll need to get 5v DC to it. The iRig Pro Duo supports standard 9v center negative barrel power (like any pedal). However, it’s a noisy pedal if you try to daisy chain it - but then so is the Beat Buddy, all digital pedals generally are. So this means you need to buy isolated power or have lots of wall plugs.

It runs off 2 AA batteries. It can use rechargeable ni-cads. 5v is the standard output for a usb charger. It connects via a usb to micro b connector. Pretty standard stuff.

It’s 4 hours on batteries when you don’t run +48v. Rechargables would fair much worse. I’m not a fan of batteries, yeah they mitigate noise but it’s a hassle. The gigs I’ve played are usually 3 hours, so I wouldn’t use batteries.
My point was it’s a little tricky getting 5v to your floorboard; where 9v barrel jacks are the standard.