what Ballad beat for standard ballads

So here is a simple challenge, what Ballad Beat can Beat Buddy do, out of the box, or from Basic Beats, Ballads, Brushes, extra paid addons, for this ballad written by Phil Spector made famous by the Righteous Brothers - You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling, in a piano lounge style with vocals:


I have not found anything basic and simple, steady and not intrusive, in hours, weeks of looking for such a simple song, and many others.

Here I am on a hotel grand piano, sure it’s out of tune, this is Cambodia! So it does not need to be heavy or loud drumming, just a basic support that lets the vocal through. But also I want to use electric piano with bass, for the same song in other venues, so general purpose ballad beat.

Anyone have a similar song in their set list already?

Your replies are much appreciated, I am overwhelmed with so many options that just have heavy fills and transitions.

Ballad Beat + Ballad Fill

Mike, I think he’s asking for suggestions on a stock beat and fill for the song “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”
It’s a straight forward tune that BeatBuddy should be able to accommodate without editing in manager…well, maybe not

The only beat that works for me is Blues 2

Incidentally, I was really dissapointed to find no ballad beats…as well as only a couple beats at all with a rim shot…what’s up with that?!