What beat for Going Down (16ths)?

What is a good beat for Freddie King’s Going Down? (Stock or user provided, or maybe out of Groove Monkey’s Blues or Rock Blues pack which I now own).
I especially like the SRV rendition (


It’s mostly 16th notes with the right accents I think (I am not a drummer so I’m not good at characterising beats)

Brings up an interesting (frustrating) point. Quite often I find a ready-to-use beat sitting in front of my Mac that seems close (at least until we actually try to play in rehearsal with it) but the feel is wrong. In this case after a quick inspection it seemed Blues 2 or Pop 12-8ths or Rock 12@ 130 would work with the Pop track fitting better BUT… Sometimes we need to be on top of the beat rather than the back half. How do we get there?