What cable for BB & Infinity midi connection?

Hi - Beatbuddy just arrived… I’d ordered the midi cable with it thinking this would link to my Pigtronix Looper… But of course it doesn’t. What do I need exactly?

It also came with the wrong power supply, but hey.

Hello there!
What you are telling there sounds more like a scenario for a horror movie lol! :slight_smile:

You need a standard male-male MIDI cable that is readily available in pretty much any music store around.
Imagine the other situation - as you may have already noticed, BeatBuddy MIDI split cable is really short. If it was offering two male jacks (so you can readily insert it into your Pigtronix), and if you wanted to get a longer cable you would be pretty stuck, as male-female MIDI cables are pretty rare!
So, this was made intentionally as a result of a compromise - to use more common and widely available cords.

Many thanks for your swift reply! I shall try again tomorrow.

This guy shows you how to add the cable…
Buy the shortest one you can find, as it is pretty bulky.

Thanks! That helps.

@JimmyMirror If your unit came with the incorrect power supply, please email support@mybeatbuddy.com with your order details (order number, etc), let us know that it was sent with the wrong power supply, and we will replace your power supply free of charge.

anytime :slight_smile:
I really dont know much, but i help where i can.