What causes Beat Buddy to sum to stereo?

Hi. If I run stereo inputs to Beat Buddy, and only a Left output, will Beat Buddy automatically sum to mono?

I THINK you mean sum to MONO, yes?

Oops. Yeah lol.

If the hardware (possibly a software issue, but I don’t think so) was correctly designed it would/should have summed stereo inputs, but SS missed the boat somewhere. This is something I came across sometime ago. There’s also a drumset I created in this post which has instruments hard panned right and left and it does not sum correctly to mono either.

You can try this by plugging two 1/4" TS patch cords into the L(Mono) and R input jacks with the L(Mono) output going to an amp and touch the tip of the end of each input cord. If it sums correctly you’ll have hum from each cable left and right.

Great idea. I tested as you said and you are correct. It doesn’t seem to sum. I only get him on the left cable.

I’m going to jump in and say that I think this is a software issue, because I believe it “used to” sum properly. Hopefully, they’ll fix it in an upcoming firmware update. In the mean time, to resolve it, I bought a Klark-Technic summing DI for the odd time when we don’t run in stereo.

I’d be kinda interested to know if the Aeros implementation of left/right summing is proper. Same with recorded loops that are panned hard left or right.

I don’t think it ever summed properly, at least never since I’ve been building kits. It may have worked prior to removing the 500 note limit, since that’s when I started. But, I have always seen it treat what should be the summed output as just the left channel mono.

You may be right, @Phil_Flood, because it’s just an impression for me, but I remember thinking after an early firmware update that something had changed in mono mode.