What exactly does Synchronize Project do?

Hi, new here. Just got a BeatBuddy - it’s amazing!

I already have a feel for using the pedal and have made my own drum parts (and even tried some bass parts!)

I understand HOW to “Synchronize Project” between SD card and computer, but I don’t know what it actually does. Many times I want to work on new parts on my computer without the SD card or pedal. So I’ll open BBManager, make changes, and save. If this project is Synchronized, does that mean if I later plug in my SD card, things will update on the SD card automatically? I think I’m confused by the “future synchronization” part.

Can someone explain exactly what is synchronized and how to use the result of the feature? Thanks!

It basically links your SD card to your BBManager so that, when you do changes on the BBManager and synchronize again, it just updates your SD card without having to start from scratch and re-write everything. So you do need to synchronize again to add your new changes to the SD card and your pedal.

As you’ve figured out, any time you edit and change the songs or folders using the BBM, you should save the project to your computer workspace. If you’re exporting your project for the first time to your SD card, BBM will ask if you want to link the card for future synchronization. When you select “Yes,” it links that project to your card. You shouldn’t be prompted again to link the card (unless you open and save a new project and attempt to sync to the SD card, in which case you should be prompted with something like a “project already exists, overwrite files?” and then the prompt to link the card for the future . . . . )

It’s not automatic. You will have to mount the SD card and then Synchronize Project every time you want the BBM to update your edited (and saved) project from your computer’s workspace to your SD card.

When you try to synchronize without mounting the SD card, it will prompt you for a location to your card. You have the option of canceling or processing the sync.

  • If the card is not mounted and if instead of selecting cancel, you choose open, it will alert you that the command to synchronize can not be carried out because the location where the project was last synchronized to cannot be found (see screen shot). Kind of a confusing alert as maybe it should instead prompt the user to insert or mount the SD card.
  • If you cancel, it will not automatically synchronize the next time you mount the card.
    It’s good to get started with the right habit for synchronizing your project. A suggested work flow:
  • always use the BBM and not your computer’s operating system to edit, save and update your project
  • process your projects from the computer workspace using BBM—never work directly from the files on your SD card
  • save your project using BBM every time you edit songs, folders or drum sets (to your computer’s workspace)
  • insert the SD card when ready to synchronize and use the BBM > File > Synchronize Project
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