My BeatBuddy (BB) SD card is corrupt

My SD card is corrupt and I have created all kinds of new songs and folders on it. I have synched with my computer every time. Is there a way I can restore from my computer to a new SD card so I can recover everything I have done? If so how?

  1. Have the new uncorrupted SD card mounted in your computer’s OS and give it a name that you will remember.
  2. Start BB Manager. If you get the option to select the new card for future synchonization, select yes. Then synchonize project,
  3. if that option does not appear, select Export>Project to SD card, select your new card, and let it run. It will take awhile. When done, you’ll get on option to select that card for future synchronization. Select yes.
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Thanks Phil. After I wrote this I had a brainstorm. I found the directory under “BBWorkspace” called “Master - Project”. I copied all contents to an SD card and fired up BB Manager. It parsed and opened just fine with all my content.
Thanks for posting your solution. I would have tried it had this not worked. I appreciate it.


I started a separate thread since your topic was not related to the original thread you posted to.

Curious to learn how you determined your card was corrupt. Was there anything displayed on your pedal when the SD card was inserted?

I assume he found the second, hidden bank account or the bag of money buried in the back yard.

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I like that answer Joe. The card could very well have been embezzling from me. I showed it though, by accidently dropping it and running over it with a chair with rollers on it. So corrupt may not have been the best choice of words, but putting it into the slot was problematic. Sad way to go but it had a good life while it was alive. I’ll be more careful when I drop my new one.

Wow, you treat corruption VERY harshly, @ron.glatley!