What happens after the last Part?

I plan to buy a Beatbuddy, and I have a question.
I didn’t find the answer ont his forum, so i’m sorry if this question has been answered.

As far as I understand, the BB goes forward on parts :
Part1, press goes to part 2, and so on.
what happens on the last part?
if my song has 3 parts (Part 1, part 2 and Part 3) is there a way to go to Part 1 after Part 3?

Thank you


Just goes back to Part 1. To end the song, it is double tap.

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Or, you can edit the song to your liking. Maybe you want to to part 1, 2, 3, 2. To do that, you would copy part 2 in the manager app, and then paste it as a new part 4. The issue is that the pedal itself cannot go backwards. So, without a midi controller, you need to plan carefully. With the Midi Maestro, or similar controllers, you can pick parts as desired.


Thanks !

Thanks !
I hace seen that with the 4.1 version the additionnal footswoitch can be programmed to “netxt” or “Previous” part