What happens to a stopped song in Aeros when I switch to another song?

I don’t own a MIDI controller yet, but I am thinking if it makes sense for me. For the decision the clarification of the following question is important.
I have stored on Aeros 2x2 songs. On track 2 I have a bassline in both parts and on track 1 I have a blank recording in each part, a recording where you don’t hear any instrument.
I want to start the song with a MIDI controller and on track 1 I would record the guitar accompaniment and do overdupps. After the end I would call a new song via the MIDI controller. But here is the question: When I call the new song, will the accompaniment and overdupps be saved or deleted from the previous song? I would like the song to then have the same state as before the song was started, i.e. on track 1 the empty recording and on track 2 the bassline again.

Is it possible to configure this with Midi Maestro and Aeros?

Thanks for the help in clarifying this question


You must save the song first, or else your unsaved progress will be lost when using the New 2x2 or 6x6 commands

There is a Save Song command (CC:33 value 0) in the Aeros default mode.

Simply return to the root page of the Aeros Default Mode to save

Thanks for the question!

Thanks so far. I would like to specify: After stopping the song with the new overdupps, which I don’t want to have saved, can I use SongSelcet to start a new song and the overdupps on the previous song will be lost according to my intention?


That should be the case yes, correct. The files you had there previously should still be there like they were when you last saved.

Thank you