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Doesn’t #2 already work if the Beat Buddy is the master MIDI device? Sorry if I’m off base, I don’t own the Beat Buddy, but with MIDI Clock Sync, usually you can stop a slaved device while the master keeps going.

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it isn’t the stopping that’s the problem. it’s that it restarts out of sync. With the infinity, I press start anywhere in the previous measure, it waits and starts on the first beat of the next bar. So no #2 doesn’t work, and I don’t have a workaround.

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Got it. Yeah, that’s a problem. I know exactly what you mean with how the Infinity works, that’s what I do also.

You’re right. The aeros must allow these functions in the settings page.

I saw this. Also, if the Beat Buddy is playing with the Aeros is stopped, it will not start recording in sync with the Beat Buddy’s measure lines. Sync seems to be only transmitted or received when the Beat Buddy is started, any changes afterwards and sync is lost. I haven’t experimented with it at all due to these features being unusable, but I would wonder if the Beat Buddy and Aeros maintain sync for long periods of time, since the Aeros doesn’t seem to make any use of the sync after it has started.


I agree with you, Aeros doesn’t seem to make any use of the sync after it has started, that’s a big problem.

I haven’t even been able to get this far into using Aeros because of other features I need, but I definitely want to register my support for having Aeros continue to sync to MIDI Clock when stopped. I would have just taken for granted that this is how it works. All the devices I have that support MIDI Clock continue to get sync from external MIDI Clock even if their own sound engine isn’t running.