What is going on with the Forum

Now when I try to download a user submitted sng file from the resources area, it give me this error.
[SIZE=6]BeatBuddy User Forum - Error[/SIZE]
This attachment cannot be shown at this time. Please try back later.


Persist, thanks for the reply. Where is the Dropbox location where some of these are located. And are they going to be re-uploaded soon do you think.

If you’re looking for Guitar Stu’s, he posted a link last night. Several users have re-upped their songs and I’m still working on mine.

Forum search does not appear to work either. With all the re-uploads this is important to fix- unless it is my user error and it works.

The search function seems to be working for me. What are you searching for and what are the results? You can try logging off and then back on to see if this helps.