What is midi out/next part (cc102) for?

Hi Im trying to get the pigtronix infinity to switch loops on bb transitions. In bb midi-out menu there is a specific option to switch to the next part called ‘next part(cc 102)’ with an option to enable or disable. I’ve enabled this but it doesnt work i.e. infinity doesn’t switch parts on transition. So Im wondering what such a specific command is actually for?

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It’s so a receiving device can be notified that the BB has changed part. If you can configure the device to read and respond to that command then one use would be to change to a specific preset on a multifx pedal.

On an infinity looper you would need to convert this message to something like cc 24, 25, 85 or 86 according to the infinity’s midi map:


Don’t quote me on that as I don’t know anything about the infinity I’m just guessing.

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Ok I get it thanks. How would I do that though. Some kind of device in between bb and infinity?
Sounds complicated.

Another problem, even with that solution is assigning to footswitch 1 or 2 wont work as you can then only go 1 direction. Switching presets to next part wouldnt work either as Im not using presets.

Youd think infinity would have a ‘switch to other loop’ function assigned to 102 seeing as pigtronix and infinity are supposed to be working together to make this work. I feel Ive bought the wrong device n shouldve got an aeros despite the cost.

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Yes that’s an issue when devices don’t send / receive compatible values. One device you might consider is the Midi Solutions Event Processor or Event Processor Plus


or the upcoming midihub

If you have a computer you could try routing midi through that using a software solution such as Midi ox http://www.midiox.com/

Or control both using a master controller such as the Maestro

The ideal would be to be able to configure each device to be able choose what is sent and when.

Another option is the Bomebox

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Ok thanks, but yeah it’s for ‘live’ use so has to be something easy so I can concentrate on my songs not the tech stuff. Will prob just have to put up with it how it is with lots of tap dancing, then sell the infinity down the line and get an Aeros, though I wish they’d bring a out a cheaper mini version that just works with the Beatbuddy and doesnt have all the other stuff on it I’ll never use


Masten :slight_smile:

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I noticed that an external switch can be used for ‘Next Song’/Previous song. what would the MIDI command be for that, can’t seem to find it or recognize the command if the documentation I’ve ready?


Midi commands are in this Google spreadsheet