What is the best expression pedal to use with MM

Can anyone suggest the best expression pedal to use with MM



M-AUDIO EX-P - Inexpensive and high quality

Many thanks

How are you using it? Has there been an update making the expression pedal jack usable?

I am not using it yet, hence my question. But I saw a youtube video where the expression pedal can be used for Tap Tempo (passed to BB)

Sorry, my question was directed to @Wallirec, since it seemed like he’s tried it since he recommended an expression pedal

Greetings (I am subscribed to you on YouTube), I do not have MM, I advised a good expression pedal, I thought once they asked, then it should work and there are inputs.
The Quick Guide says what can work - isn’t it?

MM Exp jack can be used to control the BeatBuddy’s tempo as of now

But no other midi functions?

Thanks! Gotcha. As far as I know, you can’t configure the expression pedal to do anything except vary tempo, like Brennan said.

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Hmmm, that’s a bummer. And definitely not what I gathered from the product description. I must say I’m very disappointed about the state of the custom mode and the iOS app, which seems to be barely useable at this time.