What is the drum kit Wav File format Requirements/Limitations ?

I created a full set of Samples for a new kit for my beat buddy from Protools ,. but … I loaded them in and all sounded fine in the manager ,. but when i exported ,. the pedal didn’t play the songs ? ( the kit was dead ) so shut down beat buddy manager restart and …on restart the manager is not playing the samplers I added ??.. it worked 5 mins ago ( when i hit the play button the samples played,. but now on restart there not playing ) ?

so went to basic’s grabbed a standard kit killed the kick drum replaced with my own sound files,. works, sounds great love it !! but if i shut down the manager and restart load up my kit ,. the kick drum is not playing nothing and when i hit the play button next to the sample nothing ?

OK thinking the files from Protools are the wrong format wrong or something ( I did just uses the standard settings and didn’t touch anything)

OK currently I’m abit lost ,… if i get it to play with the Wav file ( click the play button and it plays correctly in drum editor ) but then I get screaming noise when i play a song in the manager using the kit i just added my samples too ?

I’m thinking I’m using the wrong format but I have tried a converter ( EZCD ) to PCM and got the same error or the sound again would not play in the manager once i added to the new kit or give ms screaming noise when i play a song ?

So what format what SHOULD i export from Protools ?

OR what else am i doing wrong ???

According to the FAQs it is 16 or 24bit wav files. Not sure what the issues could be - if you are happy uploading the DRM to some cloud storage I am happy to have a look. How large is the file as if it is quite small there is something wrong.

yeah tried 16 bit and 24 bit from Protools both don’t work ?? . I get no sound after saving and reloading in the manager OR I get Major noise blow outs in the manager and if i send to the pedal

it’s only a 8 meg zip of wav files where do i send it so you can have a look ?

You will need to provide a location e.g Dropbox and send me the link.
However 8mb is very small for a complete drum set of multiple verlocites - the standard BB kit is almost 100Mb, why are yours so small? What files are they and instruments?

I created samples with the Cubase 7 and don´t work here too…

here a link to the wavs from protools

https://www.dropbox.com/s/urntq1zjzeghda9/From Protools.zip?dl=0

here’s a link to the DRM that blows Noise in manager and on the pedal


Havn’t done this dropbox thing before any issues please post

also these are not direct from protool any more I run them thought Adobe Audition and got the same error?

OK the manual say is either 16bit or 24bit wav files. ??? a fair bit missing there in relation to infomation.

is that Microsoft PCM or Windows ADPCM Or DVI/IMA Or ADPCM OR ACM Or A/Mu-Law and what is the preferred kHz value ? and what should the Mono or stereo, Interleaved preference set to ? that just Audition ,.

I’m sure Protools, Cubase, Live, Sonar, etc have more wav output options… ?

OK I got it working in the manager and in the pedal … sorry I think it software bug related.

using the same files i have in dropbox i got it working

not sure how but here’s what i played with to get it working for any one else hitting this issue

I stopped using the Save drum kit in the Drumset menu on the top menu bar Instead I just clicked another drum kit and used the ( do you want to save your current kit Dialog) this kept the Samples working where if i save the kit using the top menu after i would lose my samples everytime,

deleted and rebuild any instruments that loses there samples, this is a an issues the manager I think when it copies the samples to a new directory ( Beat Buddy\default_lib\drum_sets\My_Kit\51-Ride_Cymbal) but for some reason the manager does not load them once there there so the browse button re map the file reference and if not sound plays then Just kill that instrument and rebuild it I found it does work if you rebuild.

other thing i did before this stage that may have helped

samples I think you need to trim them down No need having a snare with a 8 second sample trim them down to the length where the sound only Snare maybe 1 second 2 seconds tops

I did run all my samples thought Adobe Audition I have no idea if that helped or not but maybe the RAW data from Protools was a factor

hope this helps any more information would be great I would to build a HUGE sample kit Current I like my samples sound but will explained to uses up the 100 Megs =)

This is similar to the issue I am having and have posted on the General Discussion section. I built wav files using Studio One. Files play ok till I save the drum-set (does not matter how I save it, from the menu bar or the dialog box). Once saved, files will not play using the play button on the instrument tab, and, like you say, if you try to play the song with the kit once the new files have been added and saved, I get a terrible scratching sound.

This had got to be a software issue with the BBM. I uploaded a wav file I created if anyone else would care to try it.

I have the same issue placed a brief post about it in other relevant parts of the forum where other users had raised similar concerns. Did you ever get any advice that solved the issue?

Some programs seem to play fast and loose with the headers. Studio One seems to be one of those.
Here’s is their header:

And here is a “proper” one:

There seem to be lots of different ways to do WAVs, but BeatBuddy seems to like them PCM style, which I think is fairly standard.
Notice the different the mac OS thinks about the two files:
It can’t figure out the format stats of the one that has JUNK in the header, but likes the 2nd one. The beat buddy also likes the 2nd one.


Sorry, I don’t understand this regarding “headers” or PCM style WAVs.

Is there any way to alter the file created by Studio One so that BB likes it?


try to export it as mono or stereo, 16 bit or 24 bit, uncompressed, and 44.1k rate. I don’t know that program so I can’t give you the exact steps