What is the Electronic Drum Set Sampled From?

I was just wondering what the sample for this drum set might be? I have been writing some songs to the Techno beats and I really like the sound of the kit.Does anyone know?

Maybe @GoranGrooves can answer.

If you are referring to the sound of the default BeatBuddy electronic drumset, the whole kit contains samples that I produced from scratch. I didn’t sample somebody else’s recording. So, you won’t find those exact samples elsewhere :slight_smile:

Ok. Good to know. I really dig them. That explains why I have great difficulty finding them anywhere else. I thought that I might be able to use them in a vst like superior drummer 3 or ezdrummer 2 to program that kit and an acoustic kit for a couple tunes that I have been working on. I should be able to upload the samples into superior drummer 3 but I haven’t tried. Thanks for the response.