What is the function of the BB SONGS folder?

I just realized that when you modify a song (.sng) that you’ve created in a folder (say, Friday Gig), it does NOT modify the .sng in the BB SONGS folder automatically. Say you change tempo on “Hey Jude,” add a fill to “Simple Man” and add a 4 count stick click intro on "What I Like About You, then synchronize the project to the SD card, those changes will not be carried over to the BB SONGS folder…. unless you EXPORT the .sng to that folder. If you weren’t aware of this, it could be a real problem if you lose your SD card and blow a hard drive. As part of your recovery process, when you go to When you go to IMPORT the .sng’s from the BB SONGS folder, they are still the first versions of all songs that you created.

I always synchronize to two different SD cards. I also was backing up the entire BB SONGS folder to a third SD card (can you tell I’m terrified about losing the hundred+ hours of work I have invested in my library of songs?) But I just realized that this backup of the BB SONGS folder is useless b/c it doesn’t reflect the dozens and dozens of changes and refinements I’ve made to the .sng files over the past 2 months.

Maybe I have this all wrong, but it seems that, after every modification, you have to EXPORT that song to the BB SONGS folder…again. Is this right? Is there a better way?

You’re confusing SNG with BBS files. SONGS folder contains and operates on BBS files primarily. Hardware BeatBuddy plays BBS files.

SNG files are only necessary as a way to exchange songs for users and users only! Neither pedal nor BBManager gives a damn about altering SNG files automatically! You can only update its content manually when you re-export the song.

Yes, if Hey Jude.SNG is in more than one place you’d have to change it in all locations if you revise it.

Exactly. This is not great at all and I’ve actually put that on my TODO list.

Hey rlumachi don’t be so sad. Take a bad SNG and make it better. But remember…

What I do for easier file management is put all my *.SNG file in two folders (limit 99 per folder) in alphabetical order. All other Sets and folders I consider temporary and delete them soon as they are used. Example; I make a Practice folder with songs to practice with my Bass player. We practice, might need changes to a SNG in the folder, I write it down, we finish. Later use the notes to get the SNG changed, then erase the Practice folder. When I make a Set folder for a gig I practice with it, make changes in Set and the alphabetical folder, then erase Set after the gig.
I also export individually every *.SNG file to a folder (alphabetical) on the PC. I have to also keep this up to date with any changes. From this you can make a Set folder in 30 seconds, by using multi select and import.

If I create a new set list for a gig by IMPORTing 34 .sng’s from the BB SONGS folder, how does that associate with .bbs files? Sorry, I’m confused.

The SNG files you are using is nothing more than a source for making BBS files, that are actual internal BeatBuddy Songs that are used both by BBManager and hardware pedal.

Think more like a package. SNG is a package for BBS so that users can exchange their songs with.