What is the latest BB Manager version?

What is the latest BB Manager version?

I can’t get to the download site to confirm which versions go to the Mac and Windows but the latest official release is (Mac) and 1.6.5 (Windows)

I’ve seen references to 2.0.4 in resource posts but no visible links. Is a significant upgrade (like with the long awaited drag-and-drop between folders in MAC) coming soon?

https://library.mybeatbuddy.com/software-download/ links to 2.0.4

I think the developers are working on drag 'n drop but don’t know if they’ve established a delivery date yet.

Thanks. 2.0.4 is apparently the BB firmware not the long-awaited change to the Manager. Like many (I’m sire) I’m not mindful of the numbers for either currently in play although I am confronted with the 1.6.4 every time I open the Manager.

I think an upgrade/update for midi editor along with beatbuddy manager is long overdue. It’s been more than 2 years!!!