What is the max loop length? My loop is auto stopping and I didnt stop it, shouldnt it record until it runs out of disc space?

Im recording long passages of ambient instrumentation. Id like to go for 5-7 minutes if possible. I was under the impression this was possible. The website celebrates the long playtime of its recordings. Appreciate the help.

I believe the max time a song can have is 20 min. mono. So if you are recording in stereo that is cut in half, and the more tracks you have the more that recording time gets utilized.

Why is it that my recordings are getting cut off before the 2-minute mark? There’s nothing I can change the settings that changes this it just drops.

Do you have the latest firmware installed?

Does the recording stop before 2 minutes on the first track you record, or this after more than one track is recorded?

Yes there are multiple factors to consider, currently, in version 3.5.1, you can record to one track for 20 minutes or record several tracks and overdubs that can add up to a total of 20 minutes. Note, this is is for mono, the limit for stereo is 10 minutes per song.

Please let me know if you’re seeing something other than what I’ve described, thanks for reporting :slight_smile: