What is the USB port on my Aeros for? What does it do for me?

I got my Aeros, set it up right around the time COVID quarantine began, and… all the steam was gone. I just couldn’t make music.

But now, I want to do it again. It’s all set up, everything works, but I have no idea what the USB port is for. I checked the manual, searched this forum, and so far didn’t find a purpose.

What does it do here?

Singular Sound has given no clear indication of what it will be used for.

I believe you can extract your WAV files from the Aeros when not using SD card. :slight_smile: Connect the USB to your PC and voila! I havent tried it yet though :slight_smile: I think thats the only purpose

Hey there, there is no current purpose for the USB, it is there because we eventually would like to use it, but we have not set a purpose for it just yet.

Thanks for the question!

So how do i transfer the audio files from the Aeros to my PC, if not using SD card? I thoight the usb would work in this case.

I wish there had some forethought regarding incorporating a USB port on the Maestro. For many folks a USB connection might have been a better method to do updates and create and archive setups via Windows or Mac software versus a sole reliance on BT. Not long ago I attempted a firmware update on a PA speaker that uses BT for EQ control via an Android based tablet. During the update something failed and the connection was lost and it appeared to have bricked the BT hardware in the PA speaker since I can no longer see it to initiate a pairing Fortunately the speaker still functions and EQ tweaking wasn’t essential. I keep thinking if it had a USB port I might have been able to reflash the firmware and possibly recover the BT.
The lack of the USB port on the Maestro is very much the reason I likely won’t buy the Maestro even though it has all the bells and whistles I would be looking for otherwise.

This is only able to be done with an SD card at this time.

Hindsight is 2020 unfortunately, thank you for your feedback!