What is this new library content email I just received?

Just received an email about new library content with a 2 day coupon to redeem? when I try to access the content website it asks for a login and password? Is that different than my login here as it does not let me in. Also, it appears one needs to purchase something? Wonder if these emails could be any more cryptic?

I was logged in , opened the email …had to add my profile several times, … got in, links to paypal , then you have to enter a code … tried for 10 min , then gave up ! :frowning:

I think you can enter BB website normally like when you access the forum, go to the Main Site, then Library, and from there, go buy the Drum and Bass Drum Set, and at check out, key in the code DNB2DAYS and a minus $5 will show. No need to purchase anything. Worked for me.

There was a certain technical issue yesterday with the coupons that is now fixed. Everything is working as it should now, and everyone can use this coupon to get their free drum set. Please keep in mind that registrations to the library are separate from the site and forum.

downloaded last night …thanks !