What ism the 3rd input Jack for??


Ok I got the pedal today and it does rock.

However I was surprised that the input jacks on the right are not labeled?

Through trial and error, I found the first one is for the a/b foot pedal the 2nd one is to plug your instrument through, but I cannot figure out what the 3rd input is for… Anyone know?


Uhm. It looks like my pedal did not get the printing on top of the input jacks like shown.

Mine is blank

And only the left input seems to work, I guess the right is only for a stereo input?


Yours got no Print eh? Wow. At least you figured it out.


Destined to be a collector piece!


I guess… Lucky me. Haha

I also thought the R input was not working then it worked, turns out that it works only if you use the corresponding R out as well

Funny both the short and long manuals. Make no reference to the. Input ports at all.

Everything else seems to work. The only thing I would love to have is the ability to connect an expression pedal to vary the tempo on the fly, as some songs slow or speed up throughout or at the end.

In any case this pedal is awesome even with just the included media and no Mac manager yet…


Can the tempo be controlled with a midi continuous controller?


You got a collectors BeatBuddy? Lucky You!! LOL

Gotta be able to change the beat on the fly, I have to check and see if the MiDi cable will work too since I made sure to put it in the order.


You can use the foot pedal as a tap tempo if you want to change tempos on the fly


Uhm using the foot pedal might just do it for what I want, specially if I can remap the pause button.

It would be perfect for some songs that speed up on the 2nd part. I’ll have to experiment with it tomorrow.


Yeah in bb manager under settings, you can set the secondary switch to tap tempo instead of pause/Unpause


You can set the footswitch functions on the BB itself, but there’s a firmware bug that prevents the second external switch from being set to tap tempo. I set the left switch for tap tempo when on and off. Right is for pause. But I have no accent capability.


Absolutely correct, but this is already fixed in the developer version of the firmware that will get released soon, I suppose.