What Mac app for live backing tracks with Beat Buddy

I have been using an iPad pro with Multitracker for live backing tracks that I trigger with the Beat Buddy, but with the IOS 17 update my ipad USB is no longer working. I’m considering switching to a macbook pro, but was wondering what others are doing here. The simplicity of the iPad was great for performances and I don’t want to deal with an overly complicated DAW on stage. Any thoughts??? Thanks!

Would something like this work? MultiTracks Player for Live Performance | MultiTracks.com

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Perhaps… I will check it out. At first glance it looks good but would want to see if the beat buddy midi will trigger the backing tracks

I don’t understand why USB would stop working on your iPad with an update to iOS 17. I have three iPads of various ages, all running iOS 17, and USB is working fine. Could the fault be elsewhere in the chain. Are you using generic (non Apple ) adapters?

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Yes, I am using generic adapters. They worked just fine before. Regardless, I have decided to go bluetooth and so far I have everything working again. Raised a bug ticket with Apple, and I see looking around online that I’m not the only one with the problem.

I think Apple will tell you they would expect such problems with generic adaptors, and will only offer Apple support if you use Apple kit!
I would strongly recommend avoiding the generic adapters for any activity that requires data integrity, or access to all the Apple functions. The higher Apple prices are not ALL excessive profit! S www.redtapemusic.net