what midi map uses beatbuddy?

I tried to figure out if there is a tambourine in the brushes-drumset. In the GM-midimap the tambourine is in F#2-key, but when I write a midifile with a tambourine in it, the brushes-drumset in bb-manager stays muted. Is there a possibility to see the midimap that bb-manager uses, so one can see what instrument is on which key?

Oh, I just saw that there is no tambourine at all in none of the drumkits, right?

Not correct. Many of the 1.1 updated default kits have tambourine.

Aha, good to hear. Then this information is out of time? http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?attachments/screen-shot-2016-03-05-at-5-43-45-pm-png.2395/


All of the latest version drumsets, standard and premium, have Tambourine on MIDI note 54. I just checked.

Thank you, Gabriel :slight_smile:

Under “What’s New” https://library.mybeatbuddy.com/software-download/: