What Midi Start/Stop commands uses BB as master

I have trouble with using BB as master for Gordius little giant and it seems as the little giant is not recieving Midi Start message from BB. I think I remember that someone here mentioned BB is using standart Midi messages, that would be (0xFA) for Midi Start?

I know that it should work very save, as my Infinitys are working very well with BB. I also can merge LG- and BB commands to remote Infinitys, but I would like to pogram some Midi automation (what workes also well with the “merged scenario” but I cannot sync guitar FX, cause the intern metronom of LG drifts from BB`s tempo) and so I have to use BB as master for LG.

I first wrote to Xavier from Gordius little giant, and here is his answer:

“When the LG2 receives MIDI Clock, it will show the tempo on the LEDs (and use the clock for delayed sync) as soon as it receives a MIDI Start command (0xFA), and it will stop showing the tempo after receiving a MIDI Stop command (0xFC).”

And the LG is still recieving Midi Clock message from BB as to see in its Midi Monitor and there are also commands between -Midi Clock- -Midi Clock- -Midi Clock- -.................- -.................- -Midi Clock and so on... But I cannot read the inbetween lines cause its drifting so fast. I dont have any idea how to find out whats going wrong.

So I wanted to ask if someone can figure out what explizitely is sent by BB.
Thanx for your help, Dennis!

I have been reading the firmware code like several months ago, and I am pretty sure BeatBuddy only sends MIDI Clock (0xF8), MIDI Start (0xFA) and MIDI Stop (0xFC). Latest firmware added the option to also send the MIDI notes, but I am almost sure those three messages are still sent (as my Boomerang still works properly).

This is correct. I put a MIDI sniffer on the BB, and all it uses at this time are Start, Stop, clock, and notes.

It would be nice to have a MIDI implementation chart.

Yes, thanks,
I have tested with Midi OX, as intructed from Xavier (Gordius), seems as if something wrong with my LGX, since his device reacts to Midi OX. Mine is only monitoring, but I get not its included Midi Metronome started per Midi. So Im still waiting for his answer, but I think theres no help out here in this forum(ATM), as its not a BB issue…
Anyway, I`m glad about your answers. This helped me, getting a step forwards.

Yes, full Midi implementation is still required!
-Single press for all!!!-