What musicians use a BeatBuddy

This might be an odd question but what instruments are people using in tandem with their BeatBuddy.

I had assumed that everyone is a guitarist but I have to be wrong…

I play electric and acoustic guitar and also melodeon ( squeezebox ) for mainly 60’s songs and traditional folk music - reels / jigs / polkas etc. I haven’t a clue how to link to MIDI keyboards or sequencers.

The idea of getting a BeatBuddy was for me to play standard styles like Blues / Rock n Roll etc without having to track down MIDI to convert into backing tracks.

My answer would be - Guitar and Melodeon

My boring answer…guitar

Perhaps keyboard players are happy to use the drum sounds built into keyboards but that makes me wonder what all the midi connectivity is for…

With BB, Guitar and songs for live and practice.
Logic Pro drummers for reccording.

I play bass guitar and upright, it’s the only time I keep the drummer in time :slight_smile:

We normally play as a trio, Guitar, Bass and BB. Tunes like CCR’s Green a River etc sound really good.

Ummm…ta daaaa…guitar with mine. Been working with a bass player to add some pazazz.