What, no half-time beats?

Hello all. I just purchased the Beat Buddy, got it today. I’m wondering if I’m missing something. For me as a drummer, pianist, and keyboard player I use half-time in songs all the time. A bridge or chorus my change to half-time and then back to the regular beat. Lot’s of music does this, it’s common. I could not find one preprogrammed beat in a half-time feel, except for in the blues 6/8 time signature but what about 4/4?

I hope I’m just missing something, otherwise it’s going back where I bought ASAP. Rather than all the fills and intros, it would be cool to be able to half-time if for a few measures and back with the same switch.

Not sure why this limiting omission is part of such a nice sounding and expensive piece of gear.

For Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” I use the Brazilian Samba Funk at 94 bpm. I know this sounds like a weird choice, but it gives the main beats that 1/2 time feel the song needs. The intro doesn’t sound good, but I just use a count-off anyway. I replaced all of the fills with fills from the Blues 2 beat.

Thanks for the tip. That particular beat also just happens to work for Eric Clapton’s “Just Like a Prisoner”. Which is what got us looking for a half-time beat initially. So surprised there aren’t more.

Yes there are not many but with the “Beat builder” Java app or any Midi editor you can make quite a few beats half time by removing every other snare and kick drum. Also check out the ballad songs in the premium content library.