What program to use to create midi files

I am using a windows 11 PC and I have played with midi files but never really understood them, which program works well with windows 11? and how do I go about creating a new midi file? I am looking for some new songs to play and I think this might be better to learn than to keep asking all the guys to create one for me. TIA

Assuming that you’re referring to drums alone (and sometimes bass) you can always build them from scratch (or modify stock beats) in the Beatbuddy Manager (BBMO) but I favor building and editing in Superior Drummer 3 program and then importing files into beatbuddy manager for final tweaking.
Only caveat to doing it my way is that not all drum kit pieces (from SD3) are supported in BBMO and so you have build a kit (in SD3) that mimics the midi map of the Beatbuddy. Good luck!

If the midi editor in BBMO is not good enough then I suggest using a DAW where the BB VST plugin works :wink: That way you don’t have to build the drumkit yourself :relieved:

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